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Beauty Mall"s natural human hair extensions and hair products are very versatile. We only offer 100% authentic human hair that looks natural and is easy to style.

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  • Peruvian Human Hair

    Peruvian hair is one of the softest and lightweight types of hair extensions on the market.Compared to Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is more coarse and can come in light brown, deep brown or darker colors. Peruvian quality virgin hair has similar characteristics to Brazilian hair

  • Brazilian Human Hair

    Brazilian Hair is one of the most versatile and beautiful types of hair extensions on the market. The hair comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and is often much shinier and silkier than Indian hair weave. With its shiny appearance, brazilian hair is soft to touch and comes available in various textured styles. The hair can hold curls well, and is soft and smooth.

    Brazilian Hair is coarse in texture and heavy in density. It comes in styles of naturally straight, wavy or curly. The virgin 100 remy human hair is practically very easy to transform into your preferred colours and styles. You can dye it, change color, or give any texture you want. It can last longer with proper maintenance. The hair curls well and can be used with a number of different lengths and styles.

    If you want bouncy hair that works well for most hairstyles and blends well, brazilian human hair may be your best option.

  • Mongolian Human Hair

    Mongolian natural hair extensions are the perfect balance between Indian and Chinese hair. It is more durable than Indian hair and lighter than Chinese hair. It is among the most exotic hair on the market today. With our hair extensions, you’ll be able to achieve a distinctive look that will be sure to turn heads.

    All of our Mongolian natural hair extensions feature virgin hair which means it is chemically unprocessed human hair collected from a single donor. it is free from dyes, bleaches and harsh washes. We only use the highest quality hair on the market.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items